Calling between a Microsoft Teams (free) user and a Microsoft Teams for work or school user

I was curious as to why I couldn’t call an MSA account signed into Teams (free) from my work Teams account, well it wasn’t a setting that I needed to configure, according to the following article you simply can’t do it! šŸ™ However, you can call the same user if they sign into Skype instead.

Why are some features not available in chat in Microsoft Teams (free)? – Microsoft Support

When a chat is started from Teams for Work with a Teams (free) user, the chat conversation works fine, but the audio and video call buttons are disabled:

However, what was confusing was that if you search for a user from the chat icon on the taskbar in Windows 11 as a Teams (free) user, you can then click on the call button next to the user name and it does then sort of work, the call gets forwarded to my mobile number which is set up for also ring in my Teams for work account.

If I turn off the “also ring” option, the call then goes to Teams voicemail. I assume the call routing is set to go to Skype for the MSA account rather than Teams (free) hence the calling doesn’t work.

“Edit Renditions” missing on Image Library? Enable the Blobcache…

I was working with Image Renditions in Office 365 recently and switched to test something out on a SharePoint 2013 farm in our Dev Lab. When I checked the images in an Image library the Edit renditions option was missing. I checked all the immediately obvious things but I couldn’t figure out and didn’t have the time to dig further.

Then today, whilst reviewing the Blob Cache configuration guidance I came across this statement in a TechNet article.

For a publishing site that plans to use the image renditions feature, you must enable the BLOB cache.

Aha! That’s why it was missing! I checked the web.config for the Web Application in the Dev Lab, and yes, it was disabled. Hopeful, I switched it to enabled and checked the Image Library to findĀ the missing optionĀ had appeared. Problem solved. šŸ™‚

Edit Renditions


Plan for caching and performance in SharePoint Server 2013


Curah! js link and CSR

I started a Curah! collection on jslink / CSR articles, I hope to improve this to have a way of finding samples to achieve different results as it was a bit hit and miss searching for things when I first started to figure this out last year.

My collection is here:

I saw Wes Preston presenting at SharePoint Evolutions conference last week and he’s put a page together with some links –